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From Dirk Markert <>
Subject Re[2]: Forwarding to a tile definition
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 12:01:27 GMT
Hallo Greg,

why don't you use an action and forward directly to a definition.
Something like:

<action path="whateverYouHave" forward="my.tile.def" />

You can then use the html tag and forward to this action.



GFM> On Jun 12, 2003, <>  wrote:

GFM>  |The problem seems to be that when you are using link tag, U must define a glo
GFM>  | bal forward to use it with it..
GFM>  |
GFM>  |So the solution in your case is to define a global forward with path pointing
GFM>  |  to the tile definition you want to forward to..
GFM>  |And then use that global forward inside the link tah..

GFM> Shirish,

GFM> I am using a global forward, and it's not working.  The url gets
GFM> rewriten as "" which
GFM> obviously isn't correct. :-(

GFM> I'm stuck now, after ripping out my older code because I thought a
GFM> "forward" was a "forward", if you know what I mean...

GFM> Cheers,

GFM> /greg

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