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From Dirk Markert <>
Subject Re[4]: Forwarding to a tile definition
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 14:10:14 GMT
Hallo Greg,

do not use action chaining. If you have to, then use

    <forward name="myaction" path="/" />
with your




GFM> On Jun 12, 2003, <>  wrote:

GFM>  |ya..I think what you are saying is right..So in that case only way to forward
GFM>  |  to a definition tho^rough a link tag is as u said...Define a forward to go 
GFM>  | to a action and make that action forward to definition..Using some forwardin
GFM>  | g action from scaffold package i suppose.

GFM> Ok, I remember what the issue with the action was.

GFM> In my action, I am doing a return(mapping.findForward("myaction")) and
GFM> it appears not to work (I get a blank page).

GFM> How does one return to an action, not a forward?

GFM> Thanks,

GFM> /greg

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