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From Dirk Markert <>
Subject Re[2]: Forwarding to a tile definition
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:10:13 GMT
Hallo Greg,

consider again your url


which you get by using html tags. What else would you expect?
What should be in your server created html file? In my opinion the
url is indeed correct.

If your browser sends a request to the server the server is configured
to handle *.do and *.jsp. How is the server supposed to know how to
handle *.def?



GFM> On Jun 12, 2003, <>  wrote:

GFM>  |Have u checked the definition?
GFM>  |Because when you do a forward, the definition is searched for ..And in your c
GFM>  | ase, it seems that it is not finding the definition.

GFM> I know it is finding the forward - that is how it is getting the
GFM> literal text "my.tile.def".  And, I confirmed that literal text is the
GFM> same in the forward as it is in the tiles-defs.xml file.

GFM> Now, Dirk recommended to use actions.  I'll give that a try again.  I
GFM> had it that way before, but I don't remember what the problem was - it
GFM> could be that the html:link action= wasn't working which would also
GFM> suck (I should use action= for actions and forward= for forwards,
GFM> right?).

GFM> Thanks,

GFM> /greg

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