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From Aaron Longwell <>
Subject Re: Newbie.... Best Practices for ActionForms
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 15:57:07 GMT

I am planning to use the struts validator.... if I'm hearing you 
right... this is the process?

In ActionForm:
String StartDate;
String End Date;

In Struts Validator:
validate the strings against a RegEx datetime mask

In Action:
1) Convert my Event ValueObject (VO)'s date values to strings when 
populating the ActionForm.
1) Parse the strings to convert back to date when going from Form to VO....
Is there a struts technology that will help in this conversion... (from 
string to java.util.Date).  I always could just use the java.util 
classes, but I'm guessing this is a common problem with a common solution.

Thanks again,

Andrew Hill wrote:

>1.) Yes (I even do this for true/false checkboxes!)
>2.) See #1.
>For my dates Im using several fields (d,m,y etc...) and some javascript to
>extract/concatenate into a hidden field in the format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss ,
>but its pretty ugly and I dont like it much (luckily only have one place I
>need to enter dates so far!). If you search around you can also find some
>nice js calendar controls (and there should be some opensource tags for it
>If you want to avoid JS, best bet might be a simple text field where the
>user enters it in a certain format which you validate (storing in AF as
>String). If your using the struts validator I believe it has date support -
>and may even extend to some user friendly client side js support as well,
>though Ive not used it so dont know how far it goes.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Aaron Longwell []
>Sent: Monday, 2 June 2003 23:39
>To: Struts User List
>Subject: Newbie.... Best Practices for ActionForms
>I am beginning my first Struts project with this setup:
>mySQL Database
>Tomcat 4
>OJB (ObjectRelationalBridge)
>My questions:
>1) What is the best practice for the properties in an ActionForm bean?
>Because HTTP sends everything from forms as strings, do I make all
>properties Strings, then convert them in the Action (after validating of
>2) I am using a mySQL DateTime column in the database. What is the best
>practice for editing these values via Struts? Do I put a java.util.Date
>proeprty in the Action form? Or do I use a String (as in Q #1) and then
>do a conversion in the Action?
>I am building an event manager... so the StartDate (actually
>StartDateTime) and EndDate (EndDateTime) are central to this
>application. I have not seen any examples of people editing DateTime or
>even Date values in a struts application.
>Could someone with experiece in this area give me a brief explanation of
>the recommended workflow for editing dates?
>Aaron Longwell
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