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From Nathan Coast <>
Subject Re: struts tags vs jstl
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 06:14:53 GMT

so, if I understand it right.....

you would use <c:forEach items=""> rather than <logic:iterate name=""...

and behind the scenes the class implementing the c:forEach is a 
struts-el class?

or should you call the tags their struts names but jstl attributes?

<logic-el:iterate items-"">

if the latter, what are the preferred prefixes for the el tags? the same 
as their struts counterparts or with some el prefix or suffix?


David M. Karr wrote:
>>>>>>"Nathan" == Nathan Coast <> writes:
>     Nathan> is this documented somewhere?  ie which tags have / haven't been ported
> As other posters implied, if both a Struts tag and a JSTL tag overlap, the tag
> wasn't ported to Struts-EL, in general.  The README.txt file in the "struts-el"
> directory tries to list what tags were not ported, and why.
> Note that there were some problems in the RC1 release of Struts-EL, so you
> should probably use the nightly build, or wait until RC2.
>     Nathan> James Norman wrote:
>     >> I'm pretty sure that the latest release of Struts includes a subset of
>     >> Struts tags that have been configured to support the EL Expression language.
>     >> This is the expression language that is built into JSTL.  I think that only
>     >> the Struts tags that don't have equivalents in the JSTL have been ported.

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