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From Aaron Longwell <>
Subject Re: [OT] MVC / Model 2 for Microsoft ???
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 14:08:49 GMT
Whoa... MS Has released J#... that would be .NET Java.

Anybody used this? Maybe I could just build an app with struts... then 
copy the Business/Data Tier code to a .NET app in J#.

Is J# code compatible with REAL java?

Aaron Longwell wrote:

> I hope I don't start a huge debate....
> with that intro, here goes.
> I am a freelance web developer. I've been struggling lately with not 
> being able to use the Struts framework on ALL projects. Specifically, 
> I do work with a number of Microsoft Devotees. For several sites, this 
> has meant developing in old ASP.... like playing with Duplos compared 
> to Struts.
> I have been spending some time learning the .NET framework. So far it 
> looks great... er, the features that look like Java look great. But 
> then, why wouldn't I just use the more open, polished, 
> community-oriented, original... Java? So now to the point... I don't 
> have a choice for some projects... I have to use .NET.
> I am curious if anyone is aware of an MVC-type framework for .NET. I 
> am NOT looking for a Struts port to .NET. I started doing a little 
> research, searching for things like "Best Practices"  or ".NET 
> Patterns" etc. I found almost nothing... no best practices guides. Not 
> even a single recommendation about builing Object-based backend 
> systems. In fact, most books I've read on ASP.NET and .NET in general 
> have focused on database access code directly in the ASPX page 
> itself....(in the "Code Behind" section).
> Am I:
> 1) Naive to not notice that Java Enterprise developers are light-years 
> ahead of MS developers in terms of programming practices, design 
> patterns, and role separation?
> 2) Mistaken? There really are MVC frameworks in .NET... but they are 
> all internal... and no community oriented projects exist.
> Thanks for the input.
> Aaron Longwell
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