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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: few questions from new struts user
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 14:48:23 GMT
my 2 cents worth is that the best way for a front-end designer to work 
with programmers was not to share the code at all.

In my experience, webpage designers know nothing about programming, 
sometimes not even HTML, but they're great at putting creative graphic 
ideas together. What I would do - get the creatives to produce a web 
page exactly as they want it to look, and then get the programmers to 
reproduce it however they want.

If the creatives change the page, then the programmers have to reproduce 
their changes in their HTML. This leaves the programmers free to 
implement the design in whatever way they see fit without having to 
worry about whether their code will survive being put through 
Dreamweaver or Frontpage.


Adwait B wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've few things to ask that i couldnt find in archive..
> 1.I'm in design phase of a project that is supposed to use struts.We will be recieving
plain HTML forms(GUI) from our frontend designer and then we'll be converting that in struts
jsp(jsp with struts tags)
> During demo we found this process of conversion to be painful.
> Is ther any tool/script availbale for converting plain pure html into struts jsp?
> 2.What are the struts development tools?Can anybody recommend me some tool?(like camino,exadel
struts studio, MDE)has anybody done development using these tools..
> 3.Now during development html(screen design) changes..waht are the ways we can make sure
that jsp changes accordingly..
> Thanks.
> Adwait
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