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From Paul Harrison <>
Subject Problems with an inherited getter in a derived bean
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 14:55:52 GMT
In my struts application, I have a base bean with a set of basic 
properties (e.g. name) and then I create various derived beans with 
their own extra properties. I have a problem with the <html:options> tag 
in that if I try to read a property  that is inherited from the base 
bean  from a collection of the derived beans

i.e. I have a tag like this

<html:options collection="CountyList" property="name" />

 - I get an error saying

No getter method available for property name for bean under name CountyList

 and if I implement the getter in the derived bean the  error goes away. 
Is this known behaviour in struts - is seems like a bug to me (or 
perhaps a bug in commons-beanutils?) Can anyone comment....

Paul Harrison

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