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From Paul Harrison <>
Subject Re: ActionForm 'reset' method being called when JSP is rendered
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 15:43:07 GMT
I am writing an application with a series of "wizard" type pages, so I 
thought that I would use one big ActionForm in session scope and each 
page add extra information to it - however this did not work as reset 
was being called at each page invocation - I am interested to hear that 
reset should only be called at instantiation time, because I believe 
that in 1.1 RC2 it is being called more often  than that - I can did out 
the old verision of the code to have a look at the exact circumstances 
if necessary....

Ted Husted wrote:

> In Struts 1.0.2 and later, reset is called by the html:form tag *if* 
> the ActionForm is being instantiated at that time. The scope shouldn't 
> matter.
> Also remember that the html:form tag is looking at the Action to which 
> it submits, which may not be "Action 1". If these are the same Action, 
> or share the same formbean under the same attribute, then the 
> ActionForm should already exist, and reset should not be called.
> -Ted.
> Jerry Jalenak wrote:
>> I'm seeing some odd behaviour with one of my actions.  If anyone can 
>> explain
>> this I'd sure appreciate it....
>> Here's what I've got - in struts-config I have an ActionForm that is 
>> shared
>> by two Actions.  The ActionForm is created in session scope by the first
>> action, and referenced by the second Action (also in session).  
>> Tracing the
>> calls to 'reset' and 'validate' I see the following:
>>     JSP is displayed  -> html form is submitted -> 'reset' is called ->
>> 'validate' is called -> Action 1 is performed -> forward to next JSP ->
>> 'reset' is called -> JSP is displayed
>> /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ !
>> My understanding is that 'reset' should not be called again until the 
>> form
>> on the second JSP is submitted.  Have I completely mis-understood how 
>> this
>> works?  Or is it something due to the ActionForm being created in 
>> session
>> scope?
>> TIA!
>> Jerry Jalenak
>> Team Lead, Web Publishing
>> LabOne, Inc.
>> 10101 Renner Blvd.
>> Lenexa, KS  66219
>> (913) 577-1496
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