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From Michael Thompson <Michael.R.Thomp...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: form bean
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:44:44 GMT
Could you not make the parameters just a string list on the form bean?

<html:text property="values[0]"/>
<html:text property="values[1]"/>


Kind of like dealing with a table with variable # of rows.
	--m wrote:
> hi all,
> 	i have a situation in which i have to display a form which
> has 'dynamic parameters', meaning that for each request, since i have
> to retrieve parameters for the entered function from a function repository,
> i may have different parameters for the form.
> so, i cannot associate any ActionForm to the Action class that is processing
> the request..
> Here are the steps, for clarity:
> 1 - user enters the name of a function in an input form
> 2 - a form bean will be populated with the parameters retrieved for specific function
> 3- user has to enter a value for those parameters
> step 3 is the problem. the formbean used in 2 contains a java.util.List of all parameters
retrieved, but
> it contains only the names.
> so, in step 3 user has to enter a value for those parameters.. and since parameters vary
from function
> to function, i cannot write a proper form bean.
> anyone has some idea on how to solve the situation?
> i can always put a 'dummy' action form that will not be used..but it does not seem to
me a proper
> solution...
> regards
> 	marco
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