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From Dan Jacobs <>
Subject JPlates 2.1 is available - a great alternative to JSP for Struts
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 11:36:01 GMT

Hi everybody, sorry for the resend - the first got garbled.

I know you're all busy with your current projects, but maybe the next
one will be much easier if you use JPlates.

JPlates 2.1 is now available for licensed use and evaluation.  JPlates
is a fully object-oriented template-processing system that combines
many of the best features of Java with great template processing
features to create a terrific alternate to JSP for use with Struts.

JPlates generates true JVM classes that are seamlessly compatible with
Java, and every JPlates method is an executable template.  What that
means is that you can build your MVC views using objects and classes
and methods (and not includes), just like you build everything else.

Take a look at, and please follow the link on
the left side to the note about JSP scriptlets.

Thanks for reading,
Dan Jacobs
Founder, JPlates Inc.

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