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From Dirk Markert <>
Subject Re: DispatchAction and input
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 14:31:12 GMT
Hallo Joel,


JH> I'm confused, and i'm hoping someone can help me?

JH> I am trying to use the validate method to validate my input however when I
JH> do this i start getting an error "No Input Attribute For mapping path
JH> /category".  I understand that an input parameter is required for the
JH> action, however using an input parameter with a dispatch action in the way
JH> that seems to be required makes no sense to me. In fact, I'm not sure I
JH> really understand the necessity for an input parameter at all, but if there
JH> should be an input path required for a dynaaction shouldn't it be specified
JH> within the individual forwards?

JH> Is dynaaction really usable when doing validation?

JH> I'm stuck.

JH> I have the following in my struts-config.xml file :

JH>         <action
JH>             path="/Category"

Here you need something like:
Struts needs to know where to go if a validation error occurs.

JH> type="com.flightlogger.logbook.v1.struts.actions.CategoryActions"
JH>             parameter="method"
JH>             name="categoryForm"
JH>                 validate="true"
JH>               >

JH>             <forward name="add"
JH>                      path="/pages/categoryAdd.jsp"/>

JH>             <forward name="addSuccess"
JH>                      path="/"/>

JH>             <forward name="delete"
JH>                      path="/pages/categoryDelete.jsp"/>

JH>                         <forward name="deleteSuccess"
JH>                                          path="/pages/categoryDeleteSuccess.jsp"/>

JH>             <forward name="displayAdd"
JH>                      path="/pages/categoryAdd.jsp"/>

JH>                         <forward name="displayDelete"
JH>                                          path="/pages/categoryConfirmDelete.jsp"/>

JH>                         <forward name="displayEdit"
JH>                                          path="/pages/categoryEdit.jsp"/>

JH>             <forward name="displaySearch"
JH>                      path="/pages/categorySearch.jsp"/>

JH>             <forward name="edit"
JH>                      path="/pages/categoryEdit.jsp"/>

JH>                         <forward name="editSuccess"
JH>                                          path="/pages/categoryView.jsp"/>

JH>             <forward name="main"
JH>                      path="/pages/categoryMain.jsp"/>

JH>             <forward name="view"
JH>                      path="/pages/categoryView.jsp"/>

JH>                         <forward name="viewList"
JH>                                          path="/pages/categoryViewList.jsp"/>

JH>             <forward name="search"
JH>                      path="pages/categorySearch.jsp"/>
JH>         </action>

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