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From Paul Wells <>
Subject Multibox value always checked
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2003 11:48:07 GMT

I've a problem with using a multibox in that when I uncheck all values and submit my form,
the array of selected items is not updated. I've seen this question posted a few times before
and the answer always seems to be to perform a reset in the Action class. This sounds like
a logical solution but I have a little problem with this due to the architecture we are using.
Essentially we are using the Command design pattern with DynaBeans and we only use one generic
Action class. As multiple beans are passed through this action class it is not suitable for
us to reset the checkboxes here as this means that the Action class becomes specific to the
bean that is being submitted.

Is there another way around this problem? The only way I can think of is to use JavaScript
to populate a hidden value when all checkboes are unchecked (then use this value later on),
but I would really prefer not to use JavaScript.

Many thanks. 

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