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From "Mallya, Nithin" <>
Subject Struts - JSF - Tiles Request processing issue + Fix
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 19:15:26 GMT

I am integrating Struts - Faces - Tiles in one of my applications and i ran 
into the following issue. A temporary fix is given below:
Here's an example:
I have a form and the action on the form is "/"
In the struts-config.xml , "/" is mapped to a tiles definition of 
In the tiles-definition.xml, "doc.mainLayout" looks like
  <definition name="doc.mainLayout" path="/faces/layout/classicLayout.jsp">
	  <put name="title"  value="ABC Bank Implementation using Tiles and 
JSF" />
	  <put name="header" value="/faces/common/header.jsp" />
	  <put name="menu"   value="/faces/common/menu.jsp" />
	  <put name="footer" value="/faces/common/footer.jsp" />
	  <put name="body"   value="" /> 

Now when i hit the submit button on the form, the FacesRequestProcessor
kicks off, tries to find a meaningful path for doc.mainLayout and fails with
the message that the resource is not found. 

The solution:

I extended my FacesRequestProcessor from the TilesRequestProcesor class.
That way my request would still go through the FacesRequestProcessor, but
the tiles related action handling would be deferred to the
I was able to achieve my goal after this change

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