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From <>
Subject Struts, Plugin and JMX
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 12:11:36 GMT
hi all,
	i m experiencing some problems with my plugin and JMX.
My application is composed as follow:
- struts component
- MBean1 that contains servlet initialization properties (from web.xml)
- MBean2 that should connect to R3 to retrieve user information.

So, MBean1 contains properties that have been used to initialize the servlet.
Connections to R3 are specified in a property file whose name is listed in web.xml, (and thus
the property file name is a property contained in MBean1).

Now, MBean2 is a 'JMX listener' of MBean1, because if i want to switch the connection to
R3, thru the JMX console i will change the property in MBean1, and automatically MBean2 will
notified of the change and will try to fetch the property from MBean1.

What is messing up everything is the fact that MBean1 should be initialized with ActionServlet's
properties... but the plugin seems to be initalized even  before the first request arrives
to ActionServlet.

What i would like to have is that the plugIn is initialized at servlet's initialization time...

is that possible?

just to clear any misudernstanding, as far as i know the servlet is initialized when the very
first request
arrives to the servlet.

is that correct??

thanx and regards

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