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From "Ed Yu" <>
Subject RE: Why is dbcp / pool removed?
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 15:41:45 GMT
You are better off using JNDI lookup to get the datasource. This is
suppose to be universal (Tomcat and Jrun seems to work identical)
although I've found a couple of differences among containers.

Ed Yu, Senior Solutions Architect (IBM Certified AIX Administrator), 
Advanced Solutions Group, Physics Dept., University of South Carolina,
Columbia, SC 29208 
Office (803)777-8831, FAX (803)777-8833, Email

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kruse, Matt [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 11:13 AM
> To: Struts Users Mailing List
> Subject: RE: Why is dbcp / pool removed?
> > >The one included is not the same as what is in RC1, though,
> > >correct? 
> > I'm not sure what Ted changed but you may be correct that
> > it's not exactly 
> > the same.  You can still use DBCP, Struts just won't 
> > distribute it any more.
> If I move away from DBCP and try to use just the features 
> included with RC2 (for now), it seems like there have been a 
> lot of changes.
> GenericDataSource now handles all the pooling and stuff 
> itself, instead of relying on BasicDataSource, which is fine. 
> But, it also relies on GenericConnection, of which there are 
> two versions - one for JDK1.3, one for JDK1.4. And the one 
> for JDK1.3 will _not_ compile JDK1.4. (according to the 
> docs). That's a bummer, because if I release an app with the 
> 1.3 version packaged in, and the server is upgraded to 1.4, 
> I'm going to assume that things will break?
> I'm not looking for a long-term fix, just a short-term switch 
> to possibly avoid the problems that DBCP might have been 
> causing for me. I'm just finding it a challenge to figure out 
> which short-term fix to use.
> > You're not tying your app to the container because you configure the
> > DataSource implementation entirely in JNDI (my preference) or 
> > struts-config.xml.
> In struts-config.xml, if I define my type= to be a 
> container-specific class, though, then it's no longer 
> portable. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding what you 
> mean, which is likely :)
> I'm going to explore "better" ways to handle db connections 
> in the future, but as I said above, I'm just looking for a 
> patch to address current problems with DBCP, so I want to 
> keep defining my db conns in struts-config.xml, and I want to 
> rely only on the classes packaged with struts (if possible). 
> I'll experiment and see how it works!
> Matt Kruse

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