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From "Ed Yu" <>
Subject RE: Why is dbcp / pool removed?
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:26:01 GMT
Actually, the recommended way is to use JNDI to accquire a data source from the container.
Most container supports it.

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	From: Kruse, Matt [] 
	Sent: Tue 06/10/2003 0:49 
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	Subject: RE: Why is dbcp / pool removed?

	>Isn't GenericDataSource deprecated?
	>Yes, it will be removed in 1.2 but is included in
	>1.1 for backward compatibility.
	The one included is not the same as what is in RC1, though, correct? I'm
	just trying to figure out exactly what is changed and what I need to start
	experimenting with...
	> I recommend using the package distributed with either your
	> container or your database.
	If you tie your app to your coontainer, then it's not very portable, no? I
	can develop in Tomcat and publish to JRun with no problems, and I like to
	maintain that :)
	I suppose for now a good plan would be to use GenericDataSource and research
	more reliable and portable options for conn pooling in the future? Perhaps
	by then DBCP will be cleaned up and a good stand-alone alternative.
	Matt Kruse

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