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From Rick Mann <>
Subject More: nested form of bean:write doesn't work but plain does.
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 00:32:53 GMT
Also, if I explicitly refer to the data (say, using <%= bean.getProperty()
%>), then things work fine (after using <bean:define> to set up the
scripting variable). So, I know that the process of getting the list of
items and then grabbing each item in the list is working.



I've got a situation where I'm using <nested:iterate> to iterate over a List
of beans, and then using <nested:write> to render some property (a string).

We do this in multiple places in our app, but every now and again, in some
instance of the code, it doesn't want to work. In these cases, we get a "no
getter method" exception.

However, if the code is switched to use the <bean:write> form, adding the
name attribute, it works fine.

Explicitly setting the type on the iterate tag makes no difference.

Any ideas?

P.S. I would have searched the archives, but they are down for a few days.



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