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From isaac <>
Subject Re: [OT] IDE with easy tomcat upgrade?
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 18:26:06 GMT
On 6/16/03 11:09 AM, "Aaron Longwell" <> wrote:

> Isaac,
> I have been playing with Eclipse and NetBeans for a few days... I am
> leaning toward NetBeans as well. The interface is a little clunkier..
> and I'm not much of a fan of the "filesystems" concept.
> I have a question about your "external Tomcat" comment. I have never
> done servlet-debugging before... (in the real sense... of using a
> debugger). NetBeans has that built-in Tomcat functionality... but I
> can't figure out how to use it... especially to test a jsp in the
> protected WEB-INF directory... (fronted by an Action of course).
> Have you used the internal Tomcat before? Is there a way to use NetBeans
> to debug an external servlet (I am running Tomcat as NT Service on WinXP).
> Thanks,
> Aaron

I don't believe you can monitor an external process. If you want to run your
project within NetBeans click on the "Runtime" tab. Under Server Registry ->
Installed Servers -> Tomcat, you will find the internal installation of
Tomcat. If you right click the icon you will see all of the options
available to you (starting, stopping, etc). The NetBeans installation runs
on port 8081. 

If you need to add an external installation of Tomcat, right click on the
"Tomcat" menu and select "Add Tomcat Installation". I am pretty sure this
will modify your server.xml file, so, make a back up...

I am not an expert on NetBeans by any means, so, I hope this helps.


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