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From "Doug Padian" <>
Subject On failed validation, trouble with form
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2003 23:43:38 GMT
I have a Form that maintains a couple collections that are populated by the Action class. 
If this form fails validation, the struts servlet sends the request back to the input page,
but then the collections are empty.

In "Struts In Action", page 310, Ted Husted talks about routing the failed request through
another Action method that repopulates those collections.  I tried writing a method like that
in my Action class, named "invalidUser" which regenerates the collections that I need and
puts them back into the form.  My entry in the struts-config looks like this:

<action path="/user_admin_editor/submit_user"
			<forward name="success" path="/pages/user_admin_editor/confirm.jsp"/>

If the validation fails, the input call goes to, with the method name invalidUser.

For whatever reason, this doesn't work.  At first I was getting errors saying it couldn't
find the invalidUser method.  Then I changed the "inputForward" attribute of the <controller>
tag to "true".  I don't get the errors now, but just a blank page.

I'm a little clueless.  Any ideas out there?

-Doug Padian

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