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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: Posted Again: Build Navigation based on action mapping
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 03:18:52 GMT
In my app I ended up creating a plugin that would use digester to read an
xml file (navigation-config.xml) and create objects describing my navigation
links (most of which are displayed in a js tree widget over in the left

I didnt relate them directly to actions, but in hindsight I could have done
that instead of directly having the urls in navigation-config.

By seperating it out into a seperate xml file you have much more flexibility
than if you try doing it from struts config - and of course you can design
it so that it references mappings that are in struts config.

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From: Haytham Samad []
Sent: Tuesday, 3 June 2003 21:00
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Posted Again: Build Navigation based on action mapping

Sorry for reposting but wanted to get some feedback on this as I am sure
everyone here had to deal with this at some point.  I am trying to find a
way to have navigation built based on the struts-config.xml's action
mappings.  Since all my use cases are enabled through action listed under
action mapping, this seemed like a good place to start.  Anyone done this
before or has other robust ideas to build a navigation that can update as my
site's features change?



Below is my first posting:

I am trying to build a navigation component that basically runs of the
struts config file's action mappings.  Anyone ever done this before or has
ideas on ways to build navigation from the struts config xml file?  I would
like it to dynamically update with changes to my site's navaigation/flow and
use the role information included with the mappings.



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