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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: few questions from new struts user
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 13:34:15 GMT
1.) I vaguely recall seeing somewhere that Camino does this?

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Subject: Re: few questions from new struts user

About... 1. Replacing html tags...
I dont know any tool that does this... you could use a unix command (dont
remember the name but i can check it out) to change
your files automatically but you got to specify the rules to be matched (i
this would be the best one because
you would only need to specify the rules only once).
If you use templates, your search/replace could be reduced (less html code
There is also the possiblity of a search/replace on all of your project (not
good...  ) with Edit+ or Dreamweaver.

About... 2. I dont use any so...

About this 3.Check Tiles taglib. Maybe it is what you are looking for.
Just need to have a little discipline to close all open tags within the html
so that you dont have any surprises later and time spent looking for a
</td> (for example).

Hope that helps,

Pedro Salgado

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Hi All,

I've few things to ask that i couldnt find in archive..

1.I'm in
design phase of a project that is supposed to use struts.We will be
plain HTML forms(GUI) from our frontend designer and then we'll be
that in struts jsp(jsp with struts tags)
During demo we found this process of
conversion to be painful.
Is ther any tool/script availbale for converting plain
pure html into struts jsp?

2.What are the struts development tools?Can anybody
recommend me some tool?(like camino,exadel struts studio,
anybody done development using these tools..

3.Now during development
html(screen design) changes..waht are the ways we can make sure that jsp


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