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Subject RE: html:reset and DynaValidatorForm / LookupDispatchAction
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 20:57:11 GMT

However, clicking an <html:cancel/> button does call the reset() method.

Ian D. Stewart
Open Systems Engineer II
Enterprise Midrange - Bank One Infrastructure & Operations
(614) 213-6100

"Karr, David" <> on 06/16/2003 04:31:39 PM

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Subject:  RE: html:reset and DynaValidatorForm / LookupDispatchAction

Uh, no, they really do have nothing to do with each other.  The "reset" tag
is used entirely on the client side.  The "reset" method is used on the
server side, just before populating the ActionForm from request parameters.
Clicking the reset button does not call the reset method.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Gregory F. March []
> On Jun 16, 2003, Gemes Tibor <>  wrote:
>  |2003-06-16, h keltezéssel Gregory F. March ezt írta:
>  |
>  |> Ok, and since the DynaValidatorForm's reset doesn't do anything, this
>  |> tag is meaningless in this case.  Ug.
>  |
>  |The reset method of a form, and the <input type="reset" >
>  |has nothing to do w/ each other at all. They have the same name, and
>  |nothing else.
> I understand that, but in this case, the <input type="reset"> will call
> the DynaValidatorForm's reset() method which, according to the javadoc,
> doesn't do anything.  That's what I meant by the html:reset tag being
> meaningless in this case, e.g. it's a no-op.  Perhaps my choice of words
> was not optimal...

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