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Subject Struts 1.1
Date Sun, 01 Jun 2003 23:23:55 GMT
I'm not going to ask when Struts 1.1 will be released because I know the 
stock answer.  I'm going to ask what we need to do to get it released as 
soon as possible?

Our company has a policy of not using software that hasn't had a final
release, therefore we've been stuck with Struts 1.0.  We can't switch to
1.1 in development, because we don't know how many months (or years) it
will be before it's done.  We can't hold up our production dates because
of Struts 1.1.

So, my question is, what exactly are we waiting for for the Struts 1.1
release?  What can we do to get it there as soon as possible?  We'd be
willing to put some time into it to get it released.  Using it in our
production applications is out of the question though.

I know this is a little harsh, but I have lost count of how long we've
been waiting.  At least 7 Struts books have been released since Struts 1.1
beta was released. (it's funny that all of them say that 1.1 will be out
once the book is in print. :)  Other web frameworks have gone from nothing
to having released software during the beta of 1.1.  I want quality
software as much as the next guy, but was Struts 1.0 so poorly designed 
that it takes so long to come out with the next MINOR version?

OK, flame away, but I hope we can get someone tell us exactly what we need 
to do to stop the hold up and get 1.1 released.  Please let us know.


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