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From Marc <>
Subject Re: File Upload size restriction ??
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 12:22:16 GMT
Nicolas De Loof wrote:
> That's what I was trying to do and discovered that upload behaviour changes when going
over Struts configured file-size
> limit (4Mo in my case)
> With a 3Mo file it works fine.
> With a 4,4Mo file I get errors on logs but upload goes on in the browser, and after a
long while (3 minutes) I get
> others validate() logs (related with no-file errors) and the errors are displayed on
> I don't understand why I get TWO TIMES validate() logs !!
> If i set the size-limit to "6M", 4,4Mo upload works well in less than a seconds, but
a 10Mo upload takes more than 5
> minutes. I get file-size error logs in the first request seconds, browser stays for a
(long) while and I get second
> validation error logs.
> Using IP or machine name doesn't change anything.
> Nico.

Had some mysterious browser-waits too. That had nothing to do with 
file-uploads in my case, but with some mapping-configuration in the 

I finally got a work around when forwarding from an Action-Servlet 
direct to a jsp-page and not through any ActionMapping.

Never figured out the real problem after I find the workaround.

Did you try the struts-example with an upload-limit ?

If this works without problem too, maybe you should play around with 
some different forward mappings...



Maybe you

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