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From "John Boyes" <>
Subject newbie dynamic bean:message question
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 17:20:02 GMT
I'm building my first Struts app with a standard header template which will apply to all pages.

The contents of the header template will generally be identical save for a few items (e.g
the page
title and heading) which will be individual to each page used by the template.

Ideally I would like the content for each page title and heading to be pulled from my xml file, but I'm not sure how to do this, is it possible to do this
dynamically via a message bean for instance? e.g in pseudocode:

 <title><bean:message key="thisisadynamicvaluepulledfromsomewhereelse"/></title>

or is there a much easier to do this and I'm barking up the wrong tree altogether?

I'm using JSP 1.2

Any responses gratefully received . . .



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