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From "Jing Zhou" <>
Subject Re: Online Multiple Choice Testing System--Struts will be considered...
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 03:03:09 GMT

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From: "nurkhamid" <>
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Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 2:16 AM
Subject: Online Multiple Choice Testing System--Struts will be considered...

> I'm going to design a web application. I'll call the great project Online
> Multiple Choice Testing System, that could be deployed in my LAN-ed

Such multiple choice testing system is a sample in the Carrier User's Guide

> There will be at least three types of users: guest, tester, testee. Guest
> is able to see general information. Testee is able to log in and do a test
> of her choice. Tester is able to create, edit, delete, and manage test.

You could define a user group for testers and another group for testees.
Anonymous guest is supported in Carrier too. The testers can be
assigned to be the owners of some item and action mapping categories.
They are responsible to compose testing web forms.

> Tester can have more than one set of test. Tester is also able to make her
> test as active meaning that it can be used by testee; as disabled meaning
> that the test is inactive-inaccessible by testee; as active for certain
> time and date period meaning that the test can only be done only at
> predertermined time period. Tester is also able to analyze her test items,
> such as statistical analysis.

In Carrier, action mappings (logic web forms) and item forms can be
published and withdrawn. They are available to use only when they are
published by testers.

In the sample, once a testing is started, it is in a workflow process,
called inbox process. It then be moved from stage to stage by the testee or
the tester (who is responsible for grading) You could write time control
codes for the testing stage to limit the total duration the testees could

An very important feature is that testers can replay the testing web forms
submitted in the inbox process. And on the testing web forms, testers
could also specify certain area reserved for instructor only. You'll
find it in the sample. In that area, tester give their grades or
comments to the testees.

> Maybe the fourth type of user will be better, i.e., admin with task to
> manage the system such as limiting number of test that can be created by
> the tester.

Carrie supports this feature too.

> Other possibilities may occur later.
> Questions are:
> How should I implement the above project (using Java technology) with
> regard to should I use struts or not?
> What will be the benefits of each approach-with or without struts?

Carrier is built on top of Struts and a virtuall free Internet IDE. One CPU
license could support thousands of testers and testees on Internet. You
then focus on the socre evaluation engine, testing workflow design,
testing template design, analysis, etc, if you use Carrier as your platform.

> With regard to ease of implementation, because I'm new to web application,
> which one will be easier-with or without struts (for a newbie-r)? why?
> However, I'm tempted to use struts. When I use struts, what simple steps
> should I do to finish the project? Are there similar examples (using
> struts) found at the Net that I can cusomize to my purpose? In this case,
> I'm going to use MySQL as database engine.

MySQL is not recommended. We support Oracle database. If you
do not have Oracle resources, you send email directly to me to schedule
a live demo for Carrier on Internet at our site. You will find as a tester,
you are able to compose live testing web forms in our site completely
on Internet. The software can be downloaded at

With the Oracle database, Carrier is able to manage thousands of
testing web forms without any problem.

> Thanks for your suggestions and opinions.

Netspread Carrier

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