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From "Joe Zendle" <>
Subject order of bean form population
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:22:34 GMT
This is probably a JSP question but here goes:

What is the order in which bean properties are populated. Is it from 1st
to last as defined in the class (assuming reflection is used)? Can I
reliably use a property's value defined 1st to make a decision of how to
populate a later attribute? I am trying to make a form that can be used
to hold various business entities that share common attributes. 


Assume hidden value is used in jsp to populate dataType below:

class MyForm extends ActionForm {
       private String dataType;
       private Vector holdsBaseClass = new Vector();

       public Set/getDataType(){}

       BaseClass getHoldsBaseClass(int index) {
           // need to know the concrete type to add
           while (holdsBaseClass.size()-1 < index) {
                if ( dataType.equals("derived1")
                     holdsBaseClass.add(new Derived1());
                if ( dataType.equals("derived2")
                     holdsBaseClass.add(new Derived2());
           return holdsBaseClass.elementAt(index);


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