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From "Poon, Johnny" <>
Subject Validator using <A href> instead of <html:submit>
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 15:38:59 GMT

I'm using trying to use ValidatorActionForm and tile, but the submit button
is outside of the  form on a different JSP, therefore, I need to submit my
form indirectly using a link and javascript (see code below).  Neither the
client-side javascript nor the server-side validation get called.  But if I
hardcode a submit button WITHIN the form, the javascript will get called.

So, does this mean that validator will not work with
document.forms[0].submit(); ?  Is there a workaround this?  I'm sure there
are someone out there doing similar thing.



My action form:

     <html:form action="/enterAppInfo1"
          <html:errors />&nbsp;
          <html:select property="primAddrState"
             <html:optionsCollection label="label" value="value" name="..."
property="..." />

     <html:javascript formName="enterAppInfo1" />

     <!-- Assuming one form per page, in the end of
doSomethingBeforeSubmit(...), I'm calling: -->
     <!-- document.forms[0].submit(); -->
     <A href="javascript:doSomethingBeforeSubmit(...);"/>
          <IMG name="..." src="..."
           onmouseout="javascript:submitChoiceOnMouseOut(...);return true;"
           alt="....." border="0"></A>

My validation.xml:

		<form name="enterAppInfo1">
			<field property="primAddrState" depends="required">
				<msg name="required"
key="errors.state.required" />

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