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From Rick>
Subject [OT] java coding standards question
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 17:47:42 GMT
I know this is totally OT (and it's not even Friday:), but does anyone
use the checkstyle plugin in Eclipse? I have it set up to the defaults
and I keep getting two warnings that I don't understand (and I've
searched Google etc.)..

I keep getting the following for my methods that throw

"Unable to get class information for HofficeDaoException."

I have no idea why I'm getting the above warning. The classes compile
fine and it seems fine that the method throws the Exception.

The second one I get is about "magic numbers." I've read about them but
I dont' understand why I would get a warning on this set up in a

public static final int PERIOD_END_DATE_DAYS = -7;

I get the warning "7 is a magic number." I thought you should only get
that for non final primitive declarations?

If anyone has any ideas what's up please feel free to e-mail me off list
(or here).



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