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From Dirk Markert <>
Subject Re[6]: Form bean is not stored in request
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:40:04 GMT
Hello Struts,



NS> And once again hello,

NS> [snip]
>>NS> 9) Storing ActionForm bean instance in scope 'request' under attribute
NS> key
>>NS> 'suchen'
>>NS> Now, it created a new one and stores this one in the request right
NS> away...
>>NS> Why?
>>Because it is supposed to create a new form. We are dealing with a new
>>request, aren't we? This new request is missing the form bean named

NS> Wait a moment, I thought the form bean is supposed to be known in the
NS> action. The form's data needs to be processed further in the action and
NS> that can't really be done if there is a new form bean getting created in
NS> the action class every time... Or am I completely misunderstanding
NS> something here?

No. Before your action is called the form bean exists and its values
are set.

NS> Also, I've added another line of debugging info and it seems that my
NS> variables don't get filled at all, meaning my setField and setParameter
NS> methods do not get called to. I have write debug info into my logfile
NS> there, so that should get printed into the logfile if they were called...
NS> Also, there are these lines that are worrying me:

NS> setProperty(de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@1408a75, field(searchfield1),
NS> [string_Geraet.Hersteller])
NS> Skipping read-only property
NS> setProperty(de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@1408a75,
NS> parameter(searchparam1), [HP])
NS> Skipping read-only property

NS> I never said anything about read-only. I guess, that's actually my whole
NS> problem (not sure though) but I have no idea how to fix it.

This is definitely the problem.  What properties are you trying to

NS> Greetings,
NS> Nadja

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