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From Martin Naskovski <>
Subject Re[2]: Can I have a &nbsp; _not_ URL encoded?
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 08:03:15 GMT
Hallo Marco,

Here's my code:

<html:select property="unitLocation">
                        <bean:define id="unitLocationOptions" name="searchForm"
                        <html:option value="">Select one...</html:option>
                        <html:options collection="unitLocationOptions"
                                    labelProperty="label" filter ="false"/>

The LabelValueBean's label property is set to &nbsp;, and what I get
on the HTML rendered is: &amp; nbsp;. I set filter to false as well.

So now I'm truly confused :)....


Tuesday, July 1, 2003, 12:45:20 AM, you wrote:

MM> Hi Martin,

MM> try to set the filter attribute of the bean:write tag to false
MM> e.g.
MM> <bean:write name="someForm" property="someProperty" filter="false"/>

MM> Marco

MM> Martin Naskovski wrote:
>> I have a LabelValueBean, and the Label property contains spachs.
>> However, they do not get encoded into &nbsp;'s. If I actually include
>> the &nbsp; tag, I get a '&nbsp;' on the screen verbatim :), instead of
>> what I really wanted - a space.
>> Is this some catch-22 or is there really a way to specify a
>> &nbsp; for a label property in a LabelValueBean? Can the ampersand be
>> escaped somehow??? Thanks :).
>> Martin
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