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From Sandeep Takhar <>
Subject Re: Re: Using pojo-beans in html:text?!
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 14:54:07 GMT
Why not use beanUtils.copyProperties to reduce the
copy hell.

I would have the properties on the form bean and the

Another thing to consider is possible race conditions.
 For example if the user double clicks -> the populate
is done before the token checking so if anything funny
happens on the populate you may compromise your data.

I am very suprised that the "name" attribute doesn't
work.  The other thing to try is have the DTO on the
form and just access it like dto.somePOJOProperty

--- Rademacher Tobias <>
> Hi,
> >
> >   where or what exactly is your problme?  See
> below.
> RT>> It seems the division Bean reference is not
> found by html:text in any
> scope.
> Is it found or not. Do you get any error message?
> No no error messages, no exceptions. The problem is
> that:
>  <html:text name="division"
>             property="name" 
>             size="40" 
>             maxlength="45"
>             style="margin-left:25%"
>     /> 
> does not set the "name" property of the division
> bean instance _although_ it
> _is_ in session scope.
> Is html:text assiged only to the form of the
> html:action? If yes why do we
> have a name attribute there?
> RT> If I add a name attribute to the ActionForm
> assigend to the html-form
> Action
> RT> _this_ bean is contains the typed in value.
> >What do you mean?
> I experimented a litte bit. So I added the a name
> bean attribute
> (getter/setter) to the form of the surounding
> ActionForm of html:text tag. And now the attribute
> of ActionForm is set. I
> guess the taglibs get's a fallback
> to the form as it does not find a bean with the name
> division. Maybe the
> html:text examines only the page scope and not the
> session scope as well.
> html:text does not have a session attribute as far
> as I know...
> The problem I have: 
> I use transfer object passed form EJB to the Struts
> Actions. I would like to
> use some of the transfer object bean attributes
> directly into the jsp page
> due to I don't like to copy from ActionForm to
> TransferObject and from
> Transfer Object to Bussiness Object... I'd like to
> reduce the copy hell...
> So PLEASE help me! :-)
> Hope I could explained my problem in a better way.
> Toby
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