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From "imran ali" <>
Subject variable passing.
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 20:25:13 GMT

<logic:iterate name="FormBean" property="fee" id="feeCat" 
indexId="ctr" scope="request">

<td> <bean:write name="feeCat" property="categoryId"/> </td>
<html:link page="/"> <bean:write name="feeCat" 

I have a form "FormBean" and their I have a collection of other 
form and that collection is named "feeCat". I am iterating over it 
and displaying rows in a table in my jsp. Now on clicking one of 
this row I am going to "/" action. This action takes control 
to a different jsp with a diferent form bean.

Now I want to pass the id of the row selected to the new jsp with 
a fresh form. How can I pass on this information. scope is request 

Thank you. :)

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