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From Mike Duffy <>
Subject Struts and Workflow
Date Fri, 11 Jul 2003 06:28:50 GMT
I think that Struts and the MVC architecture could be used to create
a basic workflow system.

A "WorkflowState" object would represent the state of items in the
workflow (current assignment, current status, and other attributes).

A "WorkflowRights" object would represent a user's right to view or
change workflow items.

A "WorkflowEngine" object would process the "WorkflowState" object
and generate a "WorkflowRights" object.

The "WorkflowRights" object would be a bean that could be used by a
JSP to determine if the text of an item is displayed (if the item "is
viewable"), or a form field is displayed for an item (if the item "is
changeable"), or perhaps the item is neither viewable nor changeable
(the state of the item is simply held by the "WorkflowState" item).

The Struts Action object could determine the ActionForward based on
the processed "WorkflowState".

Things could get messy very quickly if you attempted to create a
framework that would account for every interaction and combination,
and/or provide a generic rules generation system. However, if you
accept that your workflow rules are going to be generated by coding
your "WorkflowEngine", you should be able to create a very effective,
modular system.

Any thoughts?


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