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From "Prashanth.S" <>
Subject Re: tracking user activities: how to ignore action chaining (or server side forward)
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 02:47:06 GMT
Hi kris,
Thanks for the info.Iam a newbie to java and i came to know after reading books that their
functionality is allmost similar.Now through u i came to know that they r different.Thanku
very much for guiding me.Is there any resource present on net that would guide me in this

Kris Schneider <> wrote:

Thanks, but my point was that they're really nothing alike. I wasn't 
asking the questions because I didn't know the answers, I was asking 
because the answers would illustrate some of the differences. If the 
information in the link you provided implies that event listeners and 
filters are almost the same thing then it's horribly misleading.

Prashanth.S wrote:
> Hi Kris,
> I have studied eventlisteners in a book[programming jakarta struts].I think below mentioned
url will provide u with the required info.. 
> Thanks
> Prashanth
> Kris Schneider wrote:
> I don't really see how event listeners and filters are almost the same thing.
> Can you elaborate? Is it possible to provide a customized request or response
> object through an event listener? Can event listeners be mapped to either a
> specific servlet or URL pattern?
> Quoting "Prashanth.S" :
>>I think u can also use eventlisteners which are allmost same thing as
>>Kris Schneider wrote:
>>Seems like the easiest thing to do would be to write a Filter mapped to
>>that uses HttpServletRequest.getRequestURI to capture the requested URI. In
>>conformant Servler 2.3 container, the Filter will only operate on the
>>client request, not forwards or includes.
>>Quoting david chan :
>>>I am writing a RequestProcessor that is a subclass of
>>>Struts 1.1 RequestProcessor, the purpose is to track
>>>user activities, i.e. which link the user clicked,
>>>which page the user requested etc.
>>>I override the method processForwardConfig, and put
>>>my tracking function first, here is how it looks:
>>>//my code to log user request
>>>super.processForwardConfig(request, response, forward
>>>However, there is one problem with this approach, 
>>>If there is action chaining (or server side forward),
>>>that will be also logged, but that is not the user
>>>requested URI, and I don't need to log any of chained
>>>action URI or server side forwarded URI. 
>>>Any suggestion how to deal with this problem?
>>Kris Schneider 

Kris Schneider 

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