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From "Gregory F. March" <>
Subject Re: More validation woes
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 00:05:57 GMT

On Jul 23, 2003, Yansheng Lin <> wrote:

 |It's a common error. Somehow you are not forwarding back to the jsp page that
 |generated the error.
 |Put a System.out statement in front of mapping.getInputForward().  I bet it's
 |different from mapping.getInput();

Well, actually, I had mapping.getInput, but I got an "imcompatible type"
compile error.  return want's ActionForward while mapping.getInput()
returns String.

The O'Reilly book shows this done with mapping.getInput() too...

According to the javadoc, it looks like getInputForward is the
appropriate call.

Any ideas?



Gregory F. March    -=-    -=-    AIM:GfmNet

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