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From "Nicolas Seinlet" <>
Subject null form pointer
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 08:03:57 GMT
I have a simple struts application. I've begin with a login page, and a list, where you can
add, edit or delete items in this list. The list is composed of 2 datas (a number and a string).
The add function run OK, the delete function too. But the edit function is a bit harder to
run... I've the GetCgAction, that runs OK, which use a CgForm class, and a EditCg.jsp. When
the EditCg.jsp is displayed, datas are in the apropriate fields. When the Validate button
is pressed, it call the link, but it passes a null form pointer to the function.
In debugger, the function doesn't call the validate function of the CgForm class.

What does I have to verify why he passes a null pointer?
I think the form-beans and actions are correctly inserted in the struts-config.xml...

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