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From Nadja Senoucci <>
Subject Re: Re[4]: Form bean is not stored in request
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:22:58 GMT
And once again hello,

>NS> 9) Storing ActionForm bean instance in scope 'request' under attribute
>NS> 'suchen'
>NS> Now, it created a new one and stores this one in the request right
>NS> Why?
>Because it is supposed to create a new form. We are dealing with a new
>request, aren't we? This new request is missing the form bean named

Wait a moment, I thought the form bean is supposed to be known in the
action. The form's data needs to be processed further in the action and
that can't really be done if there is a new form bean getting created in
the action class every time... Or am I completely misunderstanding
something here?

Also, I've added another line of debugging info and it seems that my
variables don't get filled at all, meaning my setField and setParameter
methods do not get called to. I have write debug info into my logfile
there, so that should get printed into the logfile if they were called...
Also, there are these lines that are worrying me:

setProperty(de.zmnh.struts.form.SuchenForm@1408a75, field(searchfield1),
Skipping read-only property
parameter(searchparam1), [HP])
Skipping read-only property

I never said anything about read-only. I guess, that's actually my whole
problem (not sure though) but I have no idea how to fix it.


Nadja  Senoucci
Universitaet Hamburg
Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie
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20251 Hamburg
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