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From Nadja Senoucci <>
Subject Re: Question about the form tag
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 12:11:22 GMT
Hello again,

>Add a hidden field with the name to every form which will identify it.

Hmm... I have a few problems with that idea.

1) I can't give the forms names due to the form tag not allowing me to do so.
2) If I were to simply write a string into that hidden field - that would
then exist in every form - I'd have the same trouble as before, only the
value of the first form's hidden field would get submitted.
3) I will have an uncertain number of these forms on this page (depending
on data being read out and such). I would have to be able to get a
Collection of some kind with all possible form names to make this at least
somewhat comfortable and workable...

Maybe I didn't quite understand what you meant but the way I understood it
it won't help me a lot, I fear.

Thank you, anyway.

Nadja (still has no idea how to do this)

Nadja  Senoucci
Universitaet Hamburg
Zentrum für Molekulare Neurobiologie
Service-Gruppe EDV
Falkenried 94
20251 Hamburg
Tel.:040 - 428 - 03 - 6619
Fax.:040 - 428 - 03 - 6621

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