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From "Motykowski, Peter P." <>
Subject <logic:redirect> tag and tiles
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 14:27:14 GMT
I am using a custom tag in a tile to check if the current webapp session has
a valid database connection.  If it does not, redirect to the logon page.
This JSP file works fine when called directly, however when inserted as a
tile, the <logic:forward> tag does not work.

<%@ obligatory taglib directives %>

        Logged on as <sess:attribute name="username"/>
        <html:link page="/action/logonPage?logout">Log Out</html:link>
</dbTags:isConnected> <logic:redirect forward="logon"/>

The <dbTags:isConnected> tag is configured to: 

doStartTag - if database connection exists, EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE.  Else,

doEndTag - if database connection exists, SKIP_PAGE.  Else, EVAL_PAGE.

Has anyone seen any issues using logic:forward in a tiles configuration?


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