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From Michael Muller <>
Subject validation doesn't validate
Date Thu, 03 Jul 2003 06:42:28 GMT

I can't get the validation framework to do anything. 

I'm speculating that the validation.xml file isn't being read; I tried 
putting a rule that doesn't exist and then some arbitrary syntactically 
incorrect text in the file, and I didn't get an error anywhere I could 
find.  On the other hand, there is a message like this:

INFO: Loading validation rules file from '/WEB-INF/validation.xml'

in the console log.  And no errors.  No errors in the localhost_log, 
either.  So maybe it *is* reading the validation file.

My form bean name matches my validation form name, which matches the 
name in my action mapping.  I have validate=true in my action mapping.  
I have a validation rule defined for a field on the form.  (Two, 
actually: required and integer.)  Nothing. 

I'm using a DynaValidatorActionForm, in case that matters.  Oh, and this 
is RC1 of 1.1 running in tomcat 4.1.

Help!  I'm sure this is a common problem, and I'll be embarassed when I 
learn what it is, but I'm stuck.


  -- Mike

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