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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: [FRIDAY] YA Ted's Trivia Contest
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2003 17:32:38 GMT
Well, I'm back from the statutory independence day parade and found 
several likely answers waiting for me, including the likes of Cobb, 
Fowler, and Gosling.

But the answer I was looking for was Beck (as in Kent Beck), as a 
paraphrase from his recent book, Test Driven Development by Example:

"Dependency is the key problem in software development at all scales ... 
eliminating duplication in programs eliminates dependency."

Since he describes this a key step in the refactoring process that is 
essential to Test Driven Development, I like to call it "Beck's Golden 

Although there were others, the first lucky emailer was Maciej 
Czajkowski. (So Marciej, please send me your mailing address.)

Thanks for playing everyone!

Meanwhile, if anyone has some likely quotes that they think would make 
for a good contest, please send them to me at your leisure 
<>. If I use your quote, I'll send you a signed copy 
too. (The tough part is coming up with something that's not too easy to 


Ted Husted,
Struts in Action <>

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