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From sander-martijn <>
Subject Re: IE 6 SP-1 won't session
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2003 19:26:48 GMT
I was having a similar issue - check your redirects - make sure you 
don't have situations where  submissions are going to a different url 
than the redirects - for instance:

user types in, is redirected to
user submits, form submission goes to
login servlet, upon successs, redirects to

if you have this situation (others might be typing so 
they wouldn't have the problem) what happens is that seeing that it's a 
new url the user gets a new session, a new session id, and therefore is 
not registered as being logged in.

there are actually many ways to solve this - here are a few:
make sure all users end up with the same url (using redirects from the 
set cookies to work for * (can u do that with session ids?  
not sure)
prepend all links with whatever the requested domain name is
use all relative links
use all full links consistently

hope that helps.


{ -------- Billy Ng was saying -------- }:

>This may be a tomcat question, but I don't find any help there.  
>One of the customers complains they get bounced back to login page after they logged in
and click on any button.  This only happens on IE 6 SP-1, but not Netscape.  My best guess
is the sessioned cookie never been set so that the app returns user back to login page.  Anyone
have seen this before?
>Billy Ng

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