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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: null form pointer
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 10:22:47 GMT
First make sure you have specified the form bean in the action mapping 

What do you mean by "the validate button"? Is that your submit button 
which submits the form to your edit action mapping?


Nicolas Seinlet wrote:
> I have a simple struts application. I've begin with a login page, and a list, where you
can add, edit or delete items in this list. 
 >The list is composed of 2 datas (a number and a string). The add 
function run OK, the delete function too. But the edit function is a bit 
harder to run...
 >I've the GetCgAction, that runs OK, which use a CgForm class, and a 
EditCg.jsp. When the EditCg.jsp is displayed, datas are in the 
apropriate fields.
 >When the Validate button is pressed, it call the link, but 
it passes a null form pointer to the function. In debugger, the function 
doesn't call the validate function of the CgForm class.
> What does I have to verify why he passes a null pointer?
> I think the form-beans and actions are correctly inserted in the struts-config.xml...
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