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From Aaron Longwell <>
Subject Missing Feature??: <logic:redirect> to Action
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 20:30:09 GMT
I don't like to give the user opportunities to submit their POST 
twice... I avoid this one way by using an HTTP redirect following their 
post... I redirect them from the POST page to a GET-based information 
display page. This way pressing refresh refreshes just the display, not 
the POST.

I would like to do this from the Struts action preferrably ( 
response.sendRedirect(..... some dyanamic action URI ....); )

As a workaround, I am sending the user to a JSP that then redirects them 
to the display action. Unfortunately, there's no <logic:redirect 
action="/event/list"/>. Instead I have to hard-code (argggg) the URI to 
that action in the JSP.

Feature Request:
<logic:redirect> can send to an action URI

Which Struts classes can I use to find out the application relative URI 
to a particular action? I'm looking for a way to do an HTTP redirect on 
the response from within an action, sending them to a runtime determined 
URI for the struts action in mind. I'd use this to send users from my 
Update action to my List action.


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