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From "K.C. Baltz" <>
Subject How to differentiate between timed-out user and new user?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2003 20:43:57 GMT
I'm dealing with the issue of session timeout and I'm having trouble 
figuring out how I can tell when a user is making a request after their 
session has timed out.  I'd like to present them with a message 
indicating that fact, rather than just assuming they're a new user and 
sending them on to the login page.  Is there any way to detect this?   I 
need to be able to do it with and without cookies.   I've considered 
passing a parameter in every request that would let me detect that a 
user had been logged in at some point, but that seems like it would 
require a lot of manual intervention to insert that on every link.


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