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From Aaron Longwell <>
Subject Re: Please Help: ActionForm Re-Population
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 17:25:58 GMT
Oops, spoke too soon.

You discussed 2 options:

1) All drop-down list data goes into session
2) "input" attribute for the update event goes back to "edit" Action 
instead of "edit" JSP

I went with #2 and that brings up a new issue. Doing that causes all of 
the current values for the fields to be lost (i.e. the user inputs a bad 
number format in a field.... they click submit and receive the JSP with 
a list of errors at the top) Because the process went through the "edit" 
action again, the Action re-queried the database and updated the 
ActionForm with database values, overwriting all the user's values 
(including ones that were correctly edited and contained no errors).

To avoid this I have to insert code in the "edit" Action to check for a 
populated ActionForm before querying the database. This feels a little 

Of course I could use the session solution (#1), but I like to avoid 
using sessions unless absolutely necessary. In addition, these drop 
downs could have 100's of items in them, I'd like to keep big chunks of 
data like that in the request.

So the alternative, I guess, is to have another action that NEVER 
queries the database, but just prepares a blank form. I actually already 
have one of these... it's my "create" action.

This appears to be the best practice in this situation.... anyone else 
have any feedback?

Thanks again,

Dirk Markert wrote:

>Hello Aaron,
>AL> I am on the last leg of a web application, and I've run into problems 
>AL> adding validation to the mix.
>AL> I have an "edit" Action that retrieves a database record, a list of 
>AL> drop-down options, and then populates the "editor" ActionForm. Works 
>AL> great, and I LOVE STRUTS!
>AL> Now I've implemented validation (through the Validator Framework, but I 
>AL> think my problem is with validate() in general).
>AL> After the user clicks submit, their post is sent to my "update" action.
>AL> If they do not break any validation rules, all goes well. The problem 
>AL> occurs when a validation rule is broken.... They are returned to the 
>AL> form... but the drop-downs (which are populated in the "edit" Action) 
>AL> are empty. I have set breakpoints in the code... and I see that the page 
>AL> neither my "edit" Action code (the part where the drop-down data is 
>AL> retrieved), nor my "update" Action code is actually running.
>AL> Question.... between pressing submit and returning the "edit" JSP with a 
>AL> populated ActionErrors object. Where is "validate()" actually called?
>After the RequestProcessor has populated your action form, validate is
>called. This happens before your action is called.
>AL> Where can I insert code to populate a drop-down with a set of values so 
>AL> that it will appear both when the form is presented the first time, and 
>AL> after a validation error?
>You have at least 2 choices.
>1) You can put your drop-down values into session scope.
>2) You can set the input attribute of your action mapping to your edit
>AL> Thank you for your help,
>AL> Aaron Longwell
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