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From Kris Schneider <>
Subject Re: tracking user activities: how to ignore action chaining (or server side forward)
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 03:02:01 GMT
Absolutely. One place to start would be Sun's own J2EE 1.3 Tutorial:

Specifically, there's a section called "Java Servlet Technology":

Also, the Servlet 2.3 Specification is the definitive guide and it's not 
that bad a read:

And there's always the Servlet home page itself:

Prashanth.S wrote:
> Hi kris,
> Thanks for the info.Iam a newbie to java and i came to know after reading books that
their functionality is allmost similar.Now through u i came to know that they r different.Thanku
very much for guiding me.Is there any resource present on net that would guide me in this
> Thanks
> Prashanth
> Kris Schneider <> wrote:
> Prashanth,
> Thanks, but my point was that they're really nothing alike. I wasn't 
> asking the questions because I didn't know the answers, I was asking 
> because the answers would illustrate some of the differences. If the 
> information in the link you provided implies that event listeners and 
> filters are almost the same thing then it's horribly misleading.
> Prashanth.S wrote:
>>Hi Kris,
>>I have studied eventlisteners in a book[programming jakarta struts].I think below
mentioned url will provide u with the required info.. 
>>Kris Schneider wrote:
>>I don't really see how event listeners and filters are almost the same thing.
>>Can you elaborate? Is it possible to provide a customized request or response
>>object through an event listener? Can event listeners be mapped to either a
>>specific servlet or URL pattern?
>>Quoting "Prashanth.S" :
>>>I think u can also use eventlisteners which are allmost same thing as
>>>Kris Schneider wrote:
>>>Seems like the easiest thing to do would be to write a Filter mapped to
>>>that uses HttpServletRequest.getRequestURI to capture the requested URI. In
>>>conformant Servler 2.3 container, the Filter will only operate on the
>>>client request, not forwards or includes.
>>>Quoting david chan :
>>>>I am writing a RequestProcessor that is a subclass of
>>>>Struts 1.1 RequestProcessor, the purpose is to track
>>>>user activities, i.e. which link the user clicked,
>>>>which page the user requested etc.
>>>>I override the method processForwardConfig, and put
>>>>my tracking function first, here is how it looks:
>>>>//my code to log user request
>>>>super.processForwardConfig(request, response, forward
>>>>However, there is one problem with this approach, 
>>>>If there is action chaining (or server side forward),
>>>>that will be also logged, but that is not the user
>>>>requested URI, and I don't need to log any of chained
>>>>action URI or server side forwarded URI. 
>>>>Any suggestion how to deal with this problem?
>>>Kris Schneider 

Kris Schneider <>
D.O.Tech       <>

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