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From Rob <>
Subject difficult problem, preventing population
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 01:58:01 GMT
I have the following scenario occuring.

I have a form with several fields on it (the fields are sourced to a 
collection in an ActionForm).
I have a button that allows the removal of fields from the form (items 
from the collection).
If a user removes a field from the form and then double submits/clicks 
back and reloads then an
exception is thrown from BeanUtils.populate() because it attempts to 
take details from the (now
removed field) and populate it into the object that is stored in the 
position it was located in the
collection.  Obviously since the collection is now smaller this results 
in an

Is there any way to examine the transaction token from the form prior to 
the form bean being
populated and then avoid population of the form bean if the token is not 

Help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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